On top of our wild/exotic rescues, rehabs and relocatings, our vets and trained staff offer small/exotic animal care to people who would not normally take their pets to the vet, or who cant afford to. this includes:


~nail trimming + smoothing of edges- $5

~bathing +brushing (or skin moisturizing for animals w/out fur)- small animals- $6 ; large animals- $20

~gentle massage (of spine and legs, for elderly/arthritic animals)(1 hour) - $5 per 5-10lb animal; $10 per 15-30lb

~treatment(drainage and dressing) of wounds/abcesses (from a vet tech)- $6-$10(depending on size/location of wound + temper of animal)

(Will do package deals, and deals for more than one animal. also, ask about small animal kenneling)

(all will include write-ups of basic individual care/training for your particular animal, free of charge, if requested)